Goods Inwards Operator


To maintain a stock control system and support and supply functions of the retail shop floor

 - Using a forklift truck (forklift license essential) to load and unload lorries, checking off deliveries, using an RF scanner to receipt goods onto the system.
- Maintain a warehouse ensuring impeccable housekeeping skills.
- Stock replenishment of items using an electric pallet truck. Full training given.
- Major stock inventory on an annual basis.
- Involvement in key construction projects, including concreting, roofing and woodwork.
- Occasionally Driving the company van to deliver goods to customers in the absence of the main delivery driver.
- Adhering to Health and Safety procedures to ensure customer and staff safety.

The aim is for this person to handle, where possible all goods in and take these deliveries through all stages until they reach the shop floor. It will involve working closely with all members of staff who have responsibility for ordering and working with the Office Manager to ensure that any credits required are claimed for and a paper trail exists.

There is an expectation that shrinkage, wastage and damages will be managed by this person at the point of goods being received and stored.

This person must be physically fit, computer literate and be able to read, write and speak English.




To be responsible for:

  • goods received,
  • carefully checking at point of delivery for quantity and condition.
  • ensuring that approved procedures are followed covering stock returned to suppliers.
  • managing stock in such a way that stock write off is kept to a minimum.
  • credit claims,
  • purchase orders,
  • ensuring all products are on our electronic point of sale system
  • maintaining a paper trail between order, delivery note etc.
  • getting stock to the shop floor asap
  • disposing of all used packaging etc as appropriate.



  • To be thoroughly familiar with and consistently implement the guidelines to quality customer service, as laid down in the employee manual.
  • To adopt a helpful and caring attitude in all dealings with customers and colleagues eg advice, help and demeanour.
  • To be prepared to work in a flexible fashion, especially at peak periods.
  • To ultimately maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.



  • To liaise with all staff responsible for stock ordering in order to ensure an organised goods in system
  • To ensure that all submissions and reports are received at the Office accurately, securely and on time.
  • To ensure that prior to absence, necessary steps are taken to make management aware of the ongoing situation regarding his area of responsibility.
  • To undertake to carry out efficiently and promptly all reasonable requests made by the Managing Director.



  • If involved in customer deliveries or in use of forklift, ensure that all aspects of safety are followed.
  • All employees regardless of departments ultimately work for Bourne Valley Garden Centre and very occasionally there may be the need to assist in other departments.


For more information and to apply, please email the Manager on with a copy of your CV and/or covering letter.